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Alcohol Mughith Faisal

Alcohol is a highly addictive beverage that has a strong effect on people who consume it. The more a person drinks the high the likelihood that the person’s mental status will be affected. Alcohol consumption can impair judgment resulting to the engagement in risky behavior. Moderate alcohol consumption, on the other hand, does not affect an individual’s thinking capacity and behavior. In short, the effects of alcohol vary depending on the quantity of alcohol consumed, the frequency of drinking, and the age of the drinker. Over consumption of alcohol can results to immediate consequences such as memory problems, slurred speech, and confusion, engagement in risky behaviors, increased risk of violence and increased risk of accidents. Long-term misuses of alcohol can also lead to alcohol use disorders such as alcohol addiction, and a mirage of diseases included liver cirrhosis and certain types of cancer. Teenagers and young adults are well aware of this risks, but it does not deter them from engaging in reckless drinking. The online survey strives to find out why people drink and how drinking affects their decision making and subsequently, the rest of their lives.

The online survey focused on determining how alcohol affects the user’s decision and choices. The survey also focused on determining whether the participants engage in bad decisions and participate in unprotected sex when intoxicated. The online survey consisted of ten questions that comprise of general questions such as the participant’s gender and age bracket. The questions then become more personalized and focused on the drinking habits of the participant. For instance, the participant is asked when he or she began drinking and the frequency of his or her drinking habit. At the end of the survey, participants respond to whether he or she has ever made choices under the influence of alcohol that he or she has come to regret. The complete set of questions asked and the response results are provided in Appendix 1 below. In total, there were ten questions set for the participants.

A total of 35 participants responded to the open survey questions on alcohol consumption and their influence on the choices and behavior. 31 participants responded from the web link while four responses were from social media.13 participants (37.14%) were female respondents while 22 participants (62.86%) were male. 87.71% of the respondent were between the ages of 18-24 while 14.29% were 25-34 years old. 80% of the respondents admitted having drunk alcohol before with only 20% admitting not to have taken alcohol. 12out of 12 participants (100%) admitted having begun taking alcohol between the ages of 18-24years. On the frequency of the consumption of alcohol, 37.14% of the participants admitted that they consume alcohol 2-4 times a week. 17.14% admitted to taking alcohol at least 2-4 times a month while 14.29% admitted to taking alcohol at least once a month. 8.57% take alcohol every day while 22.86% indicated that they do not take alcohol.

When asked why they began to take alcohol, 66.67% admitted that they succumbed to peer pressure, 16.67% began to take alcohol for fun while 8.33% began to take alcohol out of curiosity as well as to forget their problems. Questioned on their effort to try and stop drinking alcohol, 67.65% admitted having tried while 32.35% admitted having made no attempt to stop the habit. The respondents were also asked about their ability to control themselves while under the influence of alcohol. 1participant skipped the question, but 61.76% responded that they control themselves while 14.71% admitted that they cannot control themselves. 23.53% of the participants were unsure of whether they can control themselves. 52.94% admitted having engaged in unprotected sex while 47.06% denied having engaged in unprotected sex. 55.88% regretted the choices they made while under the influence while 44.12% did not regret their choices.


The findings highlighted the serious situation of alcohol consumption among teenagers and young adults. The habit of alcohol consumption begins at a very young age thus increasing the risk of over-dependence and alcoholism. 87.71% are at a critical age of their life (18-24), and the choices and decisions they make can affect their wellbeing in the future. The pressure to fits in is also a prevalent cause that drives young adults to begin taking alcohol. 66.67% take alcohol because of peer pressure. The finding is an indicator that most young adults take alcohol as a way of fitting in among their peers, friends, and colleagues. According to Boyles (2007), the presence of peers increases the risk of risk taking. An individual may be aware of the risks of indulging in alcohol consumption, but he may still engage in the behavior when surrounding by his or her peers. Boyle (2007) indicates that individuals may be educated on the risks of behavior, for example, alcohol consumption but may still be undeterred to engage in the practice when in the company of peers.

The results also reveal the increased risk of engaging in risky behavior due to alcohol consumption. For instance, the risk of engaging in unprotected sex is high when the individual is under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol clouds the drinker’s judgment thus affecting his or her ability to reason clearly. According to CDC (2013) report on youth risk behavior surveillance, many people engage in behavior that put them at risk of morbidity and mortality. Numerous behavior including taking alcohol and engaging in unprotected/risky sexual encounters have increased thus putting the youth’s health outcome at risk.

Recommendation/Future Actions

There is a need for intensive and continuous awareness of the risk and influence of alcohol consumption in public. The effects to eradicate alcohol misuse in the society must involve parents as well as the young adults. The young adults must continue to be made aware of the negative impact of risk habits such as excessive alcohol consumption. From the findings, it is apparent that most young adults are aware of the risk of alcohol consumption hence their efforts to stop the habit. Therefore, it is importance for intensive public awareness on cessation of alcohol to continue so that the young adults never assume that it is alright to misuse alcohol. Similarly, parents must be encouraged to play an active role in their children’s life. Regular monitoring will ensure that the parent or guardian is aware of her or his child whereabouts thus minimizing the chances of risky and irresponsible behavior. Communities can establish alternative pass time activities that ensure that young adults are engaged. The availability of plenty of ideal time increases the risk of engaging in habits such as excessive alcohol consumption. For instance, the provision of sports activities around learning institutions and the community provides young adults with alternative ways to pass their time.

It is apparent that young adults find themselves in a tight spot when it comes to making a decision such as not consuming alcohol. At one hand, they are faced with voluminous information n the risks involved with the misuse of alcohol among other drugs. On the other hand, they are faced with the desire to fit in by impressing their friends. Peer pressure pushes most young adults to engage in excessive alcohol intake irrespective of the knowledge of potential risks. There is a need for intensive awareness on the risk of excessive alcohol consumption. The young adults need to learn that excessive alcohol consumption does not help an individual fit it in a group, it does not help resolve problems and it is not a way of having fun.

Developing, Administering And Protecting Today’s Computer Networks

One of Canada’s leading career colleges, Evergreen College, is now offering two new post-graduate diploma programs: The Network Systems Engineer Post-Graduate Diploma Program and the Cyber Security and Cloud Computing Post-Graduate Diploma Program. The programs are designed for people who want to take their career in IT that one step further.

The 47-week long Network Systems Engineer Post-Graduate Diploma Program covers the advanced skills needed to successfully install and manage computer networks, exchange servers or even design and integrate networks.

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Students learn about local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs) as well as web server management. They learn to effectively use advanced software such as Linux, VMWare, web management systems and a variety of different mail servers.

Network systems engineers need to be able to analyze the communication needs of a business, create a plan and present it to senior members of staff and execute that plan effectively. They also need to be up to date with the latest technology and what will suit a particular building or company.

Participants leave prepared to make computer infrastructures for businesses across Canada and the world. They also leave with a diploma that’s certified by CISCO, Microsoft and compTIA.

The 97-week Cyber Security and Cloud Computing Post-Graduate Diploma Program offers students the chance to develop their skills in cyber security so they can confidently monitor, spot weaknesses and vulnerabilities and maintain the integrity of an organizations’s network.

As part of this course, students learn the fundamentals of the Linux operating system, virtual networks Hyper V and VMWare, CISCO Networking and Security and SQL database concepts. Part of programme also involves completing the Certified Ethical Hacker training module accredited by the EC Council.

Cloud computing specialists with an excellent knowledge of security are in demand in today’s job market. Cloud computing is the way of the future for many businesses when it comes to way they manage files or servers. Many companies are moving their physical information onto the cloud and using virtual environments. A cloud computing specialist organizes and monitors this transition and must be able to weigh the risks and benefits of any new technology for the good of the company.

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One Cup of This Today Can Help Burn Your Belly Fat Like Crazy!
As with all of Evergreen College’s courses, students complete an internship in the job of their choosing. This gives students a valuable chance to take their learning further and apply what they’ve learned in the classroom in a practical sense. Evergreen College’s experienced internship co-ordinator, who has more than 10 years of experience, places students into internships that will lead them to success in their career.

What’s more, Evergreen College offers job finding workshops to all its students, to really cement the transition from graduate study to the workplace.

Both courses are available to students who have already completed a programme in Information Technology. For more information, contact the friendly and helpful Evergreen College staff.